Welcome  - I invite you to explore my latest release inspired by Mother Earth -She has the power to give and the power to take away.  We need Mother Earth more than she needs us.  

Should you wish to include my sound recordings on a compilation; and/or synchronising my sound recordings for film or television please contact me on  +61 0450623780 - I offer a one stop shop and control the master and publishing. Please click the link to view the  licensing agreement. /files/1248667/Morika Music Direct Licensing  Policy

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Mother Earth


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Mother Earth has the power to give and to take away.

Vocal Melody & Production - Morika- -Production -Luke Palmer

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PS more songs below. To learn more of causes close to Morika's heart visit https://morikamusic.com/animal-protection  and hear from groups who are at the front line to save Mother Earth. 

A new campaign to tackle the explosion of online animal torture/fake rescues and slow response of social media giants to take it down is on her radar next and she is seeking media support on this and other topics relating to dogs/ Please refer to https://www.smaccoalition.com  after you have made your own report if you see violence to animals online. Learn more on the  Animal Protection page under TAKE ACTION. https://ladyfreethinker.org/uk-online-safety-bill-passes-parliament-and-will-force-social-media-companies-to-remove-animal-torture-content/ 

You are welcome to contact Morika via her form for more information on her plans for her musicif you wish to help.  Please also join the https://www.allianceforanimals.org.au who ask you to join them to make a submission before the end of May to change the broken animal protection system in Australia.  (ex RSPCA CEO a cofounder)