Drawing upon inspiration from around the globe, Morika creates transcending melodies eloquently paired with otherworldly vocals. 

Her recent release 'Mother Earth' conceives a feeling of being grounded and environmentally connected, welcoming listeners into the atmospheric mind that is Morika. Reminiscent of ethereal music mogul, Enya, Morika's music is the equivalent of a cinematic score set to sweeping landscapes and running waterfalls. With an affinity for orchestral strings and celtic undertones, Morika takes listeners on a visual and emotional journey through sound. Planning to release further tracks throughout the year, Morika continues to set the scene for an enchanting sonic evolution.

'Mother Earth', explores the current global crisis surrounding climate and environment. The track inspires listeners to connect back to mother nature and encourages nature conservation. Holding the power to give, and the power to take away, Mother Earth has experienced tragedy on a biblical scale in Australia and other countries over recent years. Notably, with the world-wide floods and bushfires wreaking havoc through forests and harming wildlife. 'Mother Earth' speaks to environmental and ecological consciousness, with an important message of how we must work together in an attempt to reverse planet earth's damage, before it is too late.

In the midst of the Dark Night we can rise as wounded warriors from the dead rivers, stripped forests and outdated ideas to step into a portal - to reimagine another world. To fight for it.