1. Mother Earth

Written by Morika and Luke Palmer
Lyrics & Melody & Production - Morika
Production - Luke Palmer


We are crossing
I am wildfire
Do I live or Die
AH yah

Through thundering storms
Ive Come to wander alone
A nowhere zone to lay my body worn
As mourners roam
The lantern an hour
Hunted, red eyes, they fall
They all, on swords, lay down
Hey Ahh Hey Ahh

Rain on me
In a garden once - played
Mother the pain of loss
How I shake your faith
Yeh away so long
Pray what’s gone



Rain on day
In a forest once - bathed
Mother the fate of us
Bring me to my knees
Yeh away no more
Pray for all

Under crumbling lores
That run to plunder my land
A frozen zone
To lay my boat and oars
As I pull from mud
My Wilderness howls
Thunder rolls out they all will fall on swords - begone
They all will fall on swords - lead on

Hey ahh hey ahh
Hey ah hey ahh