Welcome  - I invite you to explore my latest release inspired by Mother Earth -She has the power to give and the power to take away.  We need Mother Earth more than she needs us.  

Should you wish to include my sound recordings on a compilation; and/or synchronising my sound recordings for film or television please contact me on  +61 0450623780 - I offer a one stop shop and control the master and publishing. Please click the link to view the  licensing agreement. /files/1248667/Morika Music Direct Licensing  Policy

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Mother Earth


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Mother Earth has the power to give and to take away.

Vocal Melody & Production - Morika- -Production -Luke Palmer

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You are welcome to help the artist move forward and fast track her musical projects which will fuel her work in helping Mother Earth and the ethical treatment of animals .  To learn of some of the campaigns she is currently running visit https://morikamusic.com/animal-protection and  https://animalsneedshade.org/petition/  A new campaign to tackle the explosion in online animal cruelty and fake resuces is on her radar.  Please report to https://www.smaccoalition.com Morika can be contacted via her form should you wish to speak with her about how her plans will be realised.