Morika’s sound invokes the spirit of the ages.

Crossing boundaries, sweeping landscapes, drawing upon influences from around the world.

Morika’s otherworldly voice will take you to where only eagles fly.

The music of Morika is a shifting balance that transverses the beauty and darkness of existence.

A haunting tribute to the journey between sadness and elation, love and loss – hope versus fear.The latest release Mother Earth conveys the destruction that Nature is experiencing. Mother Earth has the power to give and takeaway. Tearing Mother Earth apart will have consequences for us all.  Her music evokes sweeping landscapes that immerse you in a visual journey that takes you around the globe. 

Surrounded by the sound of orchestrated strings and exotic instruments, her music can lift your spirits to where only eagles fly. Morika continues her musical journey and operates her own studio in Queensland Australia. Morika has an extensive body of work written in collaboration with several local and international musicians/producers and has appeared on various compilations. Contact Morika regarding collaborative projects that contribute to creating a better world.