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I would like to take the opportunity to provide some links to some important issues that affect us all and hope that you can sign the petitions.   These links are also found on my Sound Harmony Healing website accessible through this site.

The first relates to three highly proactive animal protection groups and their fight against animal cruelty in the Asia Pacific region.

Humanitarian organisations 

Nepal’s earthquake has left the country in ruins.  These gentle people need our help and there are a number of organisations currently contributing to the health and wellbeing of it’s people.

Khachodling – The Vision and Projects of Khandro Thrinlay Chodon is one of them.

The Khachodling vision manifests as different projects in the service of humanity.  The majority of the projects take place in the Indian Himalayas.  In my travels I recently had the honour to meet     Kandro-la – the woman guiding these projects. Kandro-la has established a number of projects that  honours the land and works with the indigenous peoples, youth and children in the region. For this reason she is positioned to directly channel help and support where it is most need needed.  Volunteers are always welcomed.

Medical Services for the Himalayas

East-West Hospital

Himalayan Hermitage for Women

Education of Children and Youth

Self Sufficiency Projects

Kandro-la’s base is in Australia, Hervey Bay near Fraser Island.  If you are a traveller and have the opportunity to take part in the morning beach meditation opposite the Khachodling Dakini Sanctuary just after sunrise – it is an experience not to be missed.

Venue – Khachodling Dakini Sanctuary – 399 Charlton Esplanade Torquay, Queensland



I just have to mention Captain Paul Watson – at the helm of the world’s most active Marine Conservation Society  – always looking for extra support.